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November 18,2010   

How many relays can you get in the space of one 6mm terminal block?


If you are using anything other than ASI the answer is only one! 

BUT with the ASI CK relay family you can now get 2 relays in the space of one 6mm terminal block.  The CK high density relay family is available in electromechanical and solid state versions.  Common connections of inputs or outputs is easily achieved with the unique push-in jumper that can be cut to any number of positions.  Several different voltages are available and if space is a problem you can get two 5 amp relays in one 6mm package.  Check out the CK relay family if you are looking for features and space saving all in one package.


ASI offers more styles and options with industrial relays than any other company on the market.  Single PLC interposing relays, power relays, pluggable relays, electro-mechanical relays, solid state relays, high density relay packages and more.  Check out the ASI relay options at


Why does ASI use a double level terminal block on our single AC Outlet?


Answer: To make it EZ and convenient for you the customer.  When you wire the power to the ASI AC outlet you are creating a distribution point to connect power to other devices.  For example, say you bring power to the bottom level of the double level terminal block on the ASI AC outlet, you can then wire from the second level to an adjacent device such as a DIN rail mounted power supply. 

The connection of the power from the first level to the second level is done on the printed circuit board which saves you time and wiring costs.  Give our AC outlets a try and you will see why this is one of our most successful products, and yes it is UL approved.  Check price and delivery.  Save 10% off in Nov. Promo Code: POM1110

What is the difference between 2-way and 3-way isolation?

When specifying signal conditioners or converters you can normally order these products with either 2-way or 3-way isolation. 

The 2-way isolators provide isolation between the input circuit and the output circuit.  ASI 2-way isolated signal converters typically offer 1.5KVac isolation between the input and output.  Unless you are using a device like a loop-powered isolator you normally have to provide power to the converter, typically 24Vac/dc. 


In very sensitive circuits you want to insure that noise or interference is not introduced through this power supply connection, so in this case you will typically specify a 3-way isolated converter.  The 3-way isolated converter offers both input and output isolation and also isolation between these circuits and the power supply.  Depending on the device that you specify you can order converters with either 1.5KVac or 4KVac isolation.  ASI offers a wide range of converters with both 2-way and 3-way isolation, including our very cost effective programmable signal converters, which handle over 100 signal combinations, allowing you to consider any application.  Learn more about ASI signal isolators and converters


 Don't Forget to Power Up on AC Outlets in November.

 Call 877-650-5160 to Learn More

Save 10% off Select AC Power Outlets.

Promo Code: POM1110


Did you know that ASI now has a special power supply for DC brushless motors?

Working with Power Supply  manufacturers and motion controller companies, we have designed a power supply that will give your existing DC brushless motors higher performance.  To date most companies use 24Vdc and sometimes 48Vdc to provide power to the motor.  In order to increase power or performance you typically had to go to a motor that handled higher current. 

We solved this issue by giving you a NEW power supply that maintains the current level but gives you a voltage of 72 to 85Vdc, thereby increasing the power while maintaining acceptable current levels.  We offer four different models. All four are compact, mount on a DIN rail, are easy to wire, are UL508 approved and carry the standard 5Year WarrantyGive us a call or go to to learn more about this new line of power supplies.

ASI Makes Cable Entry

and Strain Relief EZ

Recently launched, the ASI complete line of nylon or plastic and metal cable glands and strain relief connectors are already saving customers a lot of time and money.  ASI cable glands are saving customer’s time because in one place you can find just about any cable gland you will ever need, not to mention our quick delivery from a factory stock of over 15 million pieces!  Money is saved with ASI cable glands because of our business model which equates to low operating costs and high speed, automated manufacturing equipment, both which lead to lower prices for our customers.   Select from nickel-plated brass, nylon, stainless steel, marine grade, UL approved, Atex or Exe hazardous location and more.  Even better then our selection of cable glands is our pricing,  Check It Out



Limit your installation time and costs with ASI Limit Switches.


ASI offers one of the most versatile, easy to install line of limit switches now on the market.  Check out the many features including; removable contacts for wiring, replaceable heads and actuators to reduce inventory, dozens of different styles of actuators to fit any application and we even offer IP67 pre-wired metal body versions.  Click here to see pictures of each of the ASI limit switch features, to check stock and to see our special Internet pricing. Watch Video on ASI Limit Switches




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