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Power Supply Savings

July 2012


Special Pricing Offer 


Part#               Product Description                Price          Save          Min Order Qty

XCSL85C        CSL85C SPS 1PHASE/24 VDC 3.5A        $ 78.57            10%                            5

XCSL120C       CSL120C SPS 1PHASE/24 VDC 5A        $  93.35            15%                            5

XCSL240C       CSL240C SPS 1PHASE/24 VDC 10A      $ 154.36           15%                            5


XCSF85C        SPS 90-264 VAC/24 VDC 3.5 A               $  89.23            11%                           5

XCSF120C      SPS 90-264 VAC/24 VDC 5 A                  $ 107.61           21%                           5

XCSF240C      SPS 120 & 230 VAC 24 VDC 10 A           $ 177.40           18%                           5

XCSF500C      SPS 120 & 230 VAC /24 VDC 21 A          $ 345.58           21%                           5


XCSG500C      SPS 3X 380 VAC/24 VDC 20 A               $ 351.14           12%                           2

XCSG720C      SPS 3X 380 VAC/24 VDC 30 A               $ 425.50            7%                            2

XCSG960C     SPS.3X 380 VAC/24 VDC 40A                 $ 576.77           16%                           2



1. Pricing shown is for an order in the quantity shown and immediate

    delivery as available. 

2. Orders must be placed by telephone at 877-650-5160 on or before July

    31, 2012 using promo code CBPS0712.












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4700 Westport Dr. Ste 500
Mechanicsburg PA 17055

Tel: 877-650-5160




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