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ASIUBJ2-OT Series is Newly Released - Fully Enclosed, Ring Lug,
Bolt Connection, DIN Rail Modular Terminal Blocks.

The ASIUBJ2-OT Series has recently been released to address applications in electric utilities, switchgear and electrical panel manufacturers. This product is fully enclosed and provides secure connections that are shock hazard proof and fit into tight, critical applications. The compact size and unique locking cap design make this a perfect solution for both feed through circuits or when a circuit disconnect model is required. Quick and easy wiring of Red, Blue & Yellow Ring or Fork terminals during initial installation or service is guaranteed by tightening or loosening with a screwdriver. Feel free to choose from the following terminal blocks and corresponding end covers based on your application parameters:

Ring Lug Terminal Block Feed Through with Hinged Locking Cap

ASI271061, Type ASIUBJ2-OT2.5,
Ring Lug, Bolt Connection,
Terminal Block Feed Through
with Hinged Locking Cap

43.8 x 9 x 44.3 mm, 24 Amp, 800 Volt rated,
20-14 AWG
End Cover: ASI272009
IN STOCK–$3.816 / Per Piece (Pkg. of 48)

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Ring Lug Terminal Block Feed Through with Hinged Locking Cap

ASI271062, Type ASIUBJ2-OT6,
Ring Lug, Bolt Connection,
Terminal Block Feed Through
Hinged Locking Cap
43.8 x 11 x 50.8 mm, 41 Amp, 800 Volt rated
20-10 AWG
End Cover: ASI272010
IN STOCK–$3.64 / Per Piece (Pkg. of 40)

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Sliding Link Disconnect Terminal Block with Hinged Locking Cap

ASI271060, Type ASIUBJ2-OT6S,
Sliding Link Disconnect
Terminal Block with
Hinged Locking Cap

71.4 x 12 x 44.7 mm, 41 Amp, 800 Volt rated
20-10 AWG
End Cover: ASI272008
IN STOCK–$5.777 / Per Piece (Pkg. of 40)

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ASI's UBJ2-OT Series meets the product specifications of the popular OTTA series that is found in the market today. Furthermore, you will benefit from 20 to 50% cost savings depending on exactly which product is the final ASI item that is selected to fit your requirements.

For more information contact ASI at 877-650-5160.

ASI's 5-Way Analog Signal Splitter Transmitter with Isolation
is a CONTROL ENGINEERING-2016 Engineers' Choice Finalist
in the Process Control Systems Category.

When space constraints and total system cost considerations are of the utmost importance in your system, consider ASI's new product offering. The ASI451141 DIN Rail Mounted Analog Signal Isolator Transmitter Splitter is a single circuit input of 4-20mA and four outputs of 4-20mA. This unique device provides electrical isolation between the single input, four outputs and the power source. This device protects from harmful electrical interference within your system.

Most devices that are available on the market today adhere to an industry standard of isolation for only one or two outputs. The ASI451141 will be mounted directly inside the control panel or remotely near the field devices per the isolation protection requirements of your application. The unit is factory calibrated to allow for quick and easy installation. And the galvanic isolation eliminates problems associated with ground loops, transients and unwanted noise interference. The Zero and Span adjustments are provided for precise calibration after installation and for long term serviceability. The ASI451141 has been designed to compensate for load variations and with the extremely compact 17.5 mm wide housing, will save space in your control panel and/or enclosure. It has been designed with pluggable terminals for easy installation and removal as needed.

Analog Signal Isolator Transmitter Splitter

This new product addition to our line card continues our
tradition of providing timely and innovative solutions to all
of the markets in which we serve!

We would appreciate your consideration in
casting your VOTE for ASI!


Have you been searching for a High Performance, DIN Rail DC-UPS?

Please stop the search and look no further than ASI-EZ.COM for a highly reliable
and cost-effective solution!

ASI offers our ASIDCU20, which is a microprocessor controlled DIN Rail DC-UPS to meet your varied requirements and specifications. The device includes an "easy to read" LCD Display that is ideal for 12 Vdc or 24 Vdc systems and monitors the voltage coming from a DC power supply. This product includes many standard key features that will help make your selection quite simple. Conditions and/or occurrences such as overcurrent, deep discharge and reverse polarity are protected with the battery backup. You get all of this functionality and capability housed in a sturdy yet compact, well ventilated aluminum housing for maximum efficiency. The device is easy to mount on any standard 35 mm DIN Rail.

  • Simple to Program
  • Easy to Read LCD Display
  • Remote Monitoring & Configuring Capability
  • Ideal Solution for 12 Vdc or 24 Vdc Systems
  • Power Failure Protection via Backup Battery
  • Input/Output Voltage Range (V): 11-28 Vdc
  • Output Current Range (A): 15 A
  • Easy to Access USB Communications Port
DIN Rail Mounted DC-UPS Power Supply

Feel free to contact one of ASI's Product Specialist to discuss your unique requirements. We commit to providing you with the best possible product solution that will garner the best results for your application!

For a quote call 877-650-5160 to speak with one of our product specialists.

World's Smallest 24 Vdc, 120 Watt Power Supply -
Saves Space & Dollars!

ASI is pleased to introduce the world's smallest power supply. This compact device will address applications where you may be faced with space limitations and/or cost concerns. ASINPSM121-24 is an extremely versatile unit that is standard DIN Rail mountable, single phase, and covers 12, 15 and 24 Vdc inputs. The high efficiency power supply also offers an adjustable output range that would normally be covered by three separate power supplies. By specifying this power supply into your application, you open the possibilities of fitting into tight spaces when spacing is the limiting factor. The device is designed with user settable output protection limitation modes of hiccup or constant current. Built-in pluggable wiring connections will save time and money during and after initial installation. The product is cULus Listed, thus assuring the integrity of maintaining UL within your system design configuration. Moreover, when you are comparing the prices of competitive models available on the market today, savings in the 45% to 55% range will be realized.

  • 120 Watt, 5 Amp Output (Overload Capability to 150%)
  • 24 Vdc, Adjustable Output 11.5 to 28.5 Vdc
  • Programmable Output Protection
  • Wide Range Input, 90 to 264 Vac
  • LED Indication - "Overload and OK"
  • Remote Alarm Contact
  • Compact Design - Space Saver (Only 35 mm Wide)
  • Installs in seconds on any standard DIN Rail, resulting in Minimal Installation Time
Super Compact DIN Rail Power Supply
For a quote call 877-650-5160 to speak with one of our product specialists.
Multiple-Level Terminal Blocks: Reasons to Consider

Are you interested in going up a level or two when addressing various functional requirements in you system?

Consider Multiple Level, Multi-Dimensional DIN Rail terminal blocks from ASI. Multiple Level Terminal Blocks are ideal for high-density wiring and offer space savings in the equipment panel. The ASI Multiple Level Terminal Blocks are a unique solution to address feed-through wiring combinations or circuit functions such as fusing and disconnecting for special wiring situations. This family of multi-level terminal blocks includes:
Standard 2-Level Screw Clamp Terminal Blocks

The range of ASI Multiple Level Terminal Blocks is as wide as the applications that you might encounter. The common theme that runs throughout these products is they have been designed to save space, reduce labor and increase functionality of your circuit design. Please feel free to contact one of our Product Specialists to discuss your requirements or if you have questions on this wide array of Multiple Level and Multi-Functional DIN Rail terminal block family. At ASI we are always happy to help with the solution that will best fit into your application.

Rely on ASI to provide an EZ Solution to address your various applications and requirements with products that are Reliable, Cost-Effective and Quick & Easy to install in any system. All ASI products are fully tested, with applicable regulatory criteria attached. Please review the details of each of the variations listed HERE or feel free to speak directly with one of our Product Specialists to assist you in making the selection process an EZ experience.

For a quote call 877-650-5160 to speak with one of our product specialists.

Meet Tracy Bogden! Standard 2-Level Screw Clamp Terminal Blocks

Our ASI Sales Team will help you decide what will best meet your requirements. ASI continues to grow and is successful because we listen and we respond to the needs of our customers and the markets in which they play.

For a Sample, Cross Reference or Request a Quote,
Call Tracy Bogden at 877-650-5160.

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