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Five Important Decisions for 24 Vdc
Control Applications!

Decision Number 1: Where to Get 24 Vdc Power?

Where is the 24 Vdc going to come from? Do I need a lot of power, do I need back-up or redundancy and what will power my 24 Vdc Power Supply? Is DC-UPS required and will space be an issue? With ASI as your choice for 24 Vdc power supplies you have options like, output power from .5A to 100A and input voltage of single, split or three phase. You have Economy models and High End feature rich models for use in critical applications. In fact, ASI now offers over 100 models of DIN rail mounted Power Supplies for industrial applications. They are all UL508 listed and with a history of over 18 years in all types of applications, you can count on quality and reliability.

Learn more about how to decide on 24 Vdc Power here.
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Decision Number 2: How to Connect and Distribute?

How many devices are going to need 24 Vdc Power? Is it one or two, no problem just wire directly to the Power Supply and you are good to go. However if your application is like most you are probably going to need to connect many devices in your equipment, machine or panel to a 24 Vdc source. In this case you are going to need a convenient user friendly way of getting this accomplished and hopefully without a lot of cost and time. ASI offers a wide range of Terminal Blocks, Busbars and Distribution Modules specially designed for power distribution and ideal for 24 Vdc applications.

You can click on any of these products to get a more in-depth explanation and view of how the product can be used for your 24 Vdc or other Voltage distribtution application.

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Decision Number 3: How to Protect My 24Vdc Control Circuit?

In your control circuit are you going to need to provide Overcurrent or Voltage Surge Protection? In the case of overcurrent for low voltage devices you are most likely going to use a fuse terminal block. What type do you want, single level, double level, glass fuse, blade fuse, with or without indication. The options are many and ASI has you covered. Check out your fuse terminal block options here. What about voltage surges? Did you know that over 80% of all damage to control devices is caused by electrical surges internally generated in your plant? The range of devices to protect sensitive control equipment range from suppression diodes to MOV's to gas tubes or combinations. For 24 Vdc control circuits one of the most popular products from ASI is our 24 Vdc SPD terminal block. This protection device provides a cascading circuit that includes MOV's, suppression diodes and gas tubes to protect against any level of voltage surge.

You can learn more about this Surge Protection Device and others here.

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Decision Number 4: How Will I Turn Devices On and Off?

If your application is like any other you will most likely be considering 24 Vdc switching devices like relays or IEC contactors. The decision as to what you will select will depend on issues like, the load, the space available, the amount of power, pluggable or fixed relays and type of wiring. When it comes to 24 Vdc coil relays a great option is the 6 mm wide terminal block relays offered by ASI. They are available in over 50 different models, SPST, SPDT, or solid state, standard or low-profile and screw clamp or spring clamp wire connections. See this product line Here. If you need a more robust relay or a block or module that includes multiple relays in a compact package you should consider the many different types of relay modules
that we now offer. One 24 Vdc relay module can give you 8 relays in just over 1 inch of panel space! Check out relay modules Here. Finally if you are working with motor control and need to turn motors on and off you will need to look more closely at something like the ASI IEC mini contactors which handle a lot of power in a small amount of space. These compact IEC contactors now have accessories like overload relays and auxiliary contacts to help with
your application.

Here you can find more information on our IEC Contactors.

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Decision Number 5: Do I Need To Turn ON and OFF 24 Vdc Circuits Manually?

With this decision you are looking at the type of switch to use, typically a push button but there are many types. Do you need a push button that is illuminated or non-illuminated, one that is maintained or momentary, colored, flush, non-flush, guarded, or a E-Stop?
Will you need NO or NC contacts, this depends on the application. Do I want to purchase just the switch or would I like an assembled control station? Most of these decisions and other considerations are driven by your application but in many cases it is based on what is available. When you look to ASI for your industrial switch applications you will find one of the largest selections of switches available.

You can see all of your 24 Vdc Switch Options and Choices here.

Automation Products
XCSF85C DIN Rail Mount Power Supply with Pluggable Wire Connections XCSG2401C 3 Phase DIN Rail Power Supply with Microprocessor Busbars and Terminals Busbars and Terminals Modular Spring Clamp Power Distribution Modular Spring Clamp Power Distribution Power Distribution Module Surge Voltage Protection Terminal Blocks Glass Fuse Terminal Blocks Double Level DIN Rail 5 x 20 mm Fuse Disconnect and Feed Through Terminal Block Glass Fuse Terminal Blocks PLC Interface Terminal Block Relays Multi-Channel Pluggable Relay Interface Modules Compact 4 and 8 Channel 24 Vdc DIN Relay Modules Plastic Push Button Switches Emergency Stop Control Stations
When it comes to control and power applications using 24 Vdc ASI has just about any imaginable product to make your job easier and your application more reliable. If you
need some help in making these decisions give us a call and speak to one of our
Product Specialists.

We are sure to find ways to save you space, time and money!
Visit for additional Products or Services.
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