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See Six Unique ASI Circuit
Protection Products

How do you protect your equipment, panel, machine, pump, printed circuit board and other devices from voltage surges or current overloads? ASI provides Fuse Holders, Fuse Terminal Blocks, Circuit Breakers, Molded Case Breakers, Surge Protection Devices, and More. Today we want to show you some products that you might not have seen before or may not be aware are available from ASI.

Surge Voltage Protection Terminal Block

1.Surge Protector Terminal Block, ASIDM24-S2A

In the same space as a 2 level terminal block you can now install a very powerful surge protection terminal block. Internal to this 6 mm wide terminal block is 3 stages of surge protection consisting of a gas tube, MOV and suppression diodes. Ideal for 2 wire circuits, available in 4 different voltages and works well with 4-20mA circuits. A circuit diagram is clearly indicated on the side of the terminal block to ensure correct wiring. Compared to similar products on the market, ASI will Save You at least 50%.
Check out the Specs and Pricing Now!

Ground Fault Breaker-GFCI-RCD-RCCB Circuit Breakers

2.Ground Fault Circuit Breaker, RCD, NDB1L

Quickly becoming one of the most popular DIN rail mount circuit breakers from ASI, the NDB1L is a combination device that protects a circuit while at the same time preventing shock hazard. Ideal in wet location applications, the GFCI breaker is available in 120 and 240 volt models in 6 to 32 amps with 30mA leakage. They come with a visual trip indicator and have a push to test button. They are UL1053 Recognized and mount easily on standard DIN rail. You can Find More Information including Pricing Here!

Double Level DIN Rail 5 x 20 mm Fuse Disconnect and Feed Through Terminal Block

3.Two Level Fuse Terminal Block, DA200GR

Save up to 50% of Space with this combination feed through terminal block and fuse terminal block. The bottom level is a feed through circuit while the upper level is a lever actuated fuse holder for 5 x 20 mm glass fuses. Now you can assign a single terminal block to each control circuit for simple compact wiring. A similar double level is available with a lever disconnect on the upper level. This unique space saving fuse terminal block is also available with blown fuse indication. More Information and Pricing is Available on the ASI website Here!

PCB Fuse Holder

4.Single Piece PCB 5x20mm Fuse Holder, PTF-78

You will stop using printed circuit board fuse clips forever once you see how convenient, how reliable, how safe and how economical the ASI single piece fuse holders are. The PTF78 is a fully insulated single piece design 5 x 20 mm glass fuse holder that is easily placed on a printed circuit board. An optional cover that holds the fuse in place makes it easy to insert and remove the fuse without any tools that might damage the board. Several models are available including a SMD model, which can be tape and reel mounted for automatic insertion into a printed circuit board. In most case even though this is a better device it is less expensive than PCG fuse clips. Check Out the Selections and Prices Here!

DIN Rail Blade Fuse Terminal Block

5.Blade Fuse Terminal Block, MF100GR

At only 6 mm wide, the MF100GR is the first of several different fuse terminal blocks designed to accept the popular blade type of fuses from Bussman®, Littlefuse® and others. These fuses are very convenient, available just about everywhere when a replacement is needed and they are color coded and printed to make it easy to determine their current rating. Your options for blade fuse terminal blocks from ASI include single and double level, with LED blown fuse indication and with either screw clamp or spring clamp wire connections. If you are looking for Convenience, Space Saving, and Easy to replace fuses the MF100GR is a great place to start. Check out All of your Blade Fuse Terminal Block options Here!

PCB Fuse Holder

6.Panel Mount 5X20mm Fuse Holder, PTF-70

The PTF/70 panel mount fuse holders feature quick connect wire terminals for easy wiring installation. The locking nut holds the panel fuse holder in place and the recessed screw cap retains the fuse for easy insertion and removal. The UL rating on this 5 x 20 mm panel mount fuse holder is 10A, 250 Vac. If you need something a little different Check Out one of the many other Panel Mount Fuse Holders Here!

When it comes to Circuit Protection devices you can count on ASI to offer you all types of unique products sure to solve any application. Whether your needs are for main Power Circuit Protection, Ethernet Circuit Protection, Circuit Breakers, or Fuses we are sure to have your product and remember we Guarantee to Save you at least 20-50%.
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