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IRS Tax Credit
How to Send Less Money to Washington!

ASI can show you how to improve your production efficiency and quality while at the same time sending Less Money to Washington!

How you might ask? First the issue of sending less money to Washington is accomplished by taking advantage of the IRS Tax Credit for Purhcases of Equipment in 2017, Section 179 of the IRS Tax Code which allows you to purchase production equipment and write it off as a deduction. NOW is the time to invest, if you have not already, in two of the best production tools for your operation; Universal Print System, and the Heavy Duty DIN Rail Cutter. You won't find a better deal or time!

If you purchase or print or engrave labels, nameplates, cable markers, terminal block markers and much more you owe it to yourself and your customers to invest in the MARKINGENIUS® MG3. There is no other thermal print system on the market with the versatility, the flexibility, the range of printing material and ease of use as the MG3. With over 15 years of customer experience and more than 6,000 units in use it is really the most tested and proven industrial printer on the market. Just look at what you can print with the MG3 print system:

The MG3 Thermal Print System will print over 20 categories of labels, legends, markers and strips for just about any industrial application. Some of the more popular types we can provide for printing in the MG3 include:

• Wire Markers
• Cable Tags
• Component Labels
• Panel Legends
• Switch Labels
• Warning Labels
• Hose & Cable Dog Tags
• Relay Labels
• Panel Name Plates
• Connector Labels
• PLC Legends
• Anti-Tamper Labels
• Data Rack Legends
• Circuit Breaker Labels
• PCB Terminal Block Labels
• Numbers, Letters, Graphics, Logos

MarkinGenius MG3
AND YES Terminal Block Markers For Over 25 Different Manufacturers!
The MG3 Thermal Print System will print 112 tags or labels in less than 12 seconds! The labels are ready for use immediately as there is no ink to dry and they can be handled as soon as they come out since there is no heat lamp for drying and curing. The entire system is set up in a matter of moments in the office or in the production area since no special hardware or set up instructions are required.
The MG3 Thermal Print System and accompanying software was designed with you the customer in mind. It is a plug and play system with the GENIUSPRO® software that is simple and intuitive to use by anyone with basic computer skills. It features easy data insertion, over 10 types of counters, numerous ways to import data, help functions and a lot more. It is so easy to use that you will pack up any other printers and forget about engraving!
The MG3 Thermal Print System can print 300 X 600 dpi resolution which makes the printer even more valuable to your operation. It can print barcodes, logo's, schematics, symbols, pictures, clip art and much more thereby allowing you to add more visual value to your equipment. The industrial grade ink dries instantaneously and will not wipe off even in the harshest of industrial environments. You can even switch out ribbons to print in different colors, even on the same label or legend.
The MG3 Thermal Print System is not only the most versatile system on the market, it is also the best value from purchase to daily operation. Each ribbon will print approximately 300,000 labels, thanks to the dual motor drive system. By moving the template and the ribbon separately we are able to maximize all of the print ribbon with no waste. Once the ribbon is totally used the carriage type loading system allows for quick and easy replacement.
MarkinGenius MG3

NOW, Buy This Great Printer System at an Incredible
Promotion Package Price!
Limited Time Offer!

Complete System/Software Price
FREE $2,000 Marking Material
FREE Ground Shipping


Until the end of the month we are offering the complete MARKINGENIUS® MG3 printing system at $2995, with $2,000 in FREE Material including labels, markers and ribbons. We will even include our cable glands, ferrules and crimp tools as part of the free material for this limited offer. When you consider your IRA Tax Deduction on the printing system it is the same as getting the system and all of this material for FREE. How can you not afford to take advantage of this offer? Hurry you only have until December 31.
Check our Video for additional proof of how Easy this printer is to operate.
DIN Rail Cutter BUY an ASI DIN Rail Cutter and Receive FREE Shipping!
The other ASI tool that should be in every workplace using DIN Rail is our very popular DIN Rail Cutter. It really is one of the Best Deals you will ever find for a robust, heavy duty DIN Rail Cutter that is built to last. The ASI DIN Rail Cutter easily cuts any of the popular standard DIN rails. The cuts are precise and free of burrs. The ASI DIN Rail Cutter comes with an attachable steel ruler so that you can set up the cutter and cut exact pieces over and over again. Watch the video on how easy this cutter is to use and you will agree your shop should have this valuable tool. Now it is being offered at $677.85 and with FREE Shipping. After you take your IRS Tax Deduction it will be like buying this industrial unit at the annual cost of hack saw blades!
DIN Rail Convenient NEW 10-Pack
of PR005-1M
As a friendly reminder, earlier this year ASI introduced a Easy to Handle Package of 10,
1-meter DIN Rail at Excellent prices.
Check out our DIN Rail HERE.
Call Today at 877-650-5160, for details on these Special Promotions.
Improve your productivity with the ASI Industrial Printer and
Heavy Duty DIN Rail Cutter, Get FREE Accessories,
FREE Shipping and Get a Year-End Tax Deduction!

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