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Sensor usage in industrial automation applications continues to increase. This systematic tracking of every step along the path of a product from production to packaging uses sensors. ASI offers a one stop shop solution when configuring your NPN or PNP circuit whether it is a new build or a retrofit. We offer NPN to PNP Converters, reflectors, mounting brackets, 3-wire terminal blocks and more. Whichever proximity sensor your application requires, be assured that ASI has a top rated sensor solution for you. We offer accessories for inductive capacitive sensors, photoelectric sensors, magnetic electric sensors and high temperature sensors and more. Our selection continues to grow and you may find that there is a component you need that is currently not listed. If this is the case, please contact our knowledgeable customer support team at 1(877)-650-5160 for assistance.
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Catalog No. / Description 
NPN To PNP Converter For Sensor Logic Signals
  • Converts NPN to PNP and PNP to NPN signals
  • Very cost effective
  • Compact modular DIN rail mount package
  • Easy to wire screw clamp terminals
  • Saves time, space and money
Type CI-NPN/PNP, NPN to PNP Converter for Sensor Logic Signals, DIN Rail Mounted, 12mm wide, 24Vdc Input, 200mA Max Current 
List Price
$28.09 each
Packages of 5
Green Check In Stock
TL120 Product
DIN Rail Mounted 3 Wire Sensor Terminal Block
  • Sensor return signal feed-through in top level
  • Middle and lower levels can be used for DC feed to sensors
  • Compatible with TLD.2 terminal blocks
  • Middle and lower levels tied to adjoining block without additional jumper for DC feed
Type TLS.2/T, DIN Rail Mounted 3 wire sensor terminal block, screw clamp connection, Green LED between middle and upper level 
List Price
$9.41 each
Packages of 20
Green Check In Stock
Type TLD.2/GR, Screw Clamp Connection 3-Level Sensor DIN Rail Mounted Terminal Block, 20-12 AWG, 3-Level Feed-Thru, Gray 
List Price
$3.68 each
Packages of 125
Green Check In Stock
DEV90 Product
90 ° Beam Turner For 18mm Barrel Sensors
90 ° Beam Turner for 18mm Barrel Sensors 
List Price
$9.20 each
Ships Stock - 4 weeks
Stainless steel right angle bracket for sensors 
List Price
$9.20 each
Ships Stock - 4 weeks
CT01 Product
Sensor Reflector
Sensor Reflector, Round, 22mm 
List Price
$5.50 each
Ships Stock - 4 weeks
Sensor Reflector, Round, 32mm 
List Price
$5.84 each
Ships Stock - 4 weeks
Sensor Reflector, Round, 41mm 
List Price
$6.72 each
Ships Stock - 4 weeks
Sensor Reflector, Round, 78mm with Mounting hole 
List Price
$7.79 each
Ships Stock - 4 weeks
Sensor Reflector, rectangular, 22x71mm 
List Price
$10.10 each
Green Check In Stock
Sensor Reflector, Round, 31mm with Mounting holes 
List Price
$9.74 each
Ships Stock - 4 weeks
Sensor Reflector, Rectangular, 52x34mm 
List Price
$12.39 each
Ships Stock - 4 weeks
Sensor Reflector, Adhesive Sheet, 225x244mm 
List Price
$27.44 each
Ships Stock - 4 weeks
Sensor Reflector, Rectangular, 42x182mm 
List Price
$9.38 each
Ships Stock - 4 weeks
2, 4 and 8mm shutters for 18mm barrel sensors 
List Price
$2.59 each
Ships Stock - 4 weeks
MG01 Product
Magnet With Mounting Hole
Magnet with Mounting hole, 20mm Diameter, refer to appropriate sensor for specifications 
List Price
$1.86 each
Ships Stock - 4 weeks
20mm Diameter Round magnet with M5 mounting stud, refer to appropriate sensor for specifications 
List Price
$3.88 each
Green Check In Stock
Magnet with Mounting hole, 32x15mm, refer to appropriate sensor for specifications 
List Price
$5.06 each
Green Check In Stock
Magnet with Mounting hole, 42.5x27mm, refer to appropriate sensor for specifications 
List Price
$4.38 each
Ships Stock - 4 weeks
Magnet with Mounting hole, 63x18mm, refer to appropriate sensor for specifications 
List Price
$4.38 each
Ships Stock - 4 weeks

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Sensor Terminal BlocksIf you use 3-wire sensors with terminal blocks for connections or if you have a new 3-wire sensor application you will be impressed with the ease of installation and cost savings of the ASI sensor blocks. The ASI 3-wire sensor terminal blocks use a unique "Lock System" that eliminates having to buy and install additional jumper accessories which can be expensive and timely. Everything you need is in the block.
Sensor Signal InverterThe most practical component that you will ever use if sensors are in your equipment. You can easily convert from PNP to NPN or NPN to PNP so you are never stuck without a sensor to match your controller. The best feature is the economical price!
Power SuppliesMost efficient power supply on the market. Available with outputs of 5 to 48 VDC. UL508 Listed. Meets CE and other international approvals.
Sensor CablesComplete line of sensor cables and connectors. 3 and 4-wire cables offered in both PVC and PUR. UL listed and available in 5, 10 and 15 meters.
Sensor Distribution BoxesAvailable with 4, 6 or 8 ports with either M8 or M12 size connectors. Learn how these boxes will reduce installation time and wiring cost.
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