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Slot Sensors
For Labeling and Packaging

Slot Sensor Features:

  • High 25kHz switching frequency
  • IR or red/green light models
  • Detection of semi-transparent labels
  • Detection of register marks on transparent
  • 4 wire antivalent NPN and PNP output
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Catalog No. Description 
Slot Sensor,
PNP & NPN Output
  • High 25kHz switching frequency
  • Low 20µs response time
  • Ideal for label or hole detection on continuous surface
953151070 Type SR21-IR, Slot sensor, PNP & NPN output, 2mm slot width, infrared emission 
List Price
$178.28 ea
Ships Stock - 4 weeks
Slot Sensor,
PNP & NPN Output
  • High 25kHz switching frequency
  • Low 20µs response time
  • Ideal for label or hole detection on continuous surface
953151080 Type SR21-RG, Slot sensor, PNP & NPN output, 2mm slot width, red/green emission 
List Price
$198.80 ea
Ships Stock - 4 weeks

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