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DIN Rail Mount Industrial Surge Protectors

Order 1 Pole UL DIN Rail Pluggable Surge Protection Devices for use in type 1, 2 and 3 applications. MCOV 150 to 690 Vac

1 Pole,
Single Phase,
MOV, L-N (G)

The DIN Rail Surge Protective device features GDT technology with visual indication for low voltage applications. Order your ASI surge protector online!

1 Pole, Single Phase,

Order DIN Rail Split Phase, 2 Pole Surge Protective Device with MOV Technology to for dependable surge protection.

2 Pole,

Order Split Phase DIN Rail Surge Protection Devices with GDT and MOV technology with operating voltages 120 Vac to 347 Vac.

2 Pole,

Order 3 Phase Wye, 3 Pole Surge Protection Devices for Type 1, 2 or 3 Applications from to save up to 50% on SPDs for your application.

3 Pole,
Three Phase Wye, MOV, L-N (G)

Order 4 Pole, 3 Phase Wye DIN Rail Mount Surge Protection Devices with MOV technology for dependable protection.

4 Pole,
Three Phase Wye,

Order 3 Phase Surge Suppressors from ASI: 4 pole, three phase WYE, MOV & GDT Technology, DIN Rail surge protection. MCOV 150 Vac to 420 Vac.

4 Pole,
Three Phase Wye,

Order Lightning Surge Protector for Wind Turbines. 3 Pole, 4 wire, 415/240 Vac SPD to keep electrical systems safe. DIN rail mounted.

UL Approved
Wind Turbine Application

Low Voltage DC Surge Protection Devices, 2 Pole, Common Mode DC Circuit Surge Protector for Solar (PV) applications. UL Type 4 for Type 1, 2 & 3 apps.

2 Pole DC Surge Protection Devices for Solar, Common Mode
Shop for PV surge protection at ASI. Low Voltage DC Surge Protection Devices, 3 Pole, Common Mode & Differential Mode for Solar apps.

3 Pole Solar Industry Common & Differential Mode DC Circuit SPDs
Order easy to replace MOV Surge Protection Plugs for your ASISP Surge Protection Device. Offered with a MCOV 150 to 690 Vac and visual indication.

MOV Plugs

Order Replacement GTD Plugs for ASI pluggable surge protection devices. Fast Shipping and Excellent Pricing.

GDT Plugs

ASI's surge protection devices are highly reliable, safe and cost effective solutions to provide protection against harmful electrical surges. Catastrophic surges, aka transient overvoltages, spikes or impulses occur over 2,000 per year in the average home. In a commercial environment, protection against surge is of the utmost importance to the facility. If not addressed, these surges will detrimentally effect equipment by causing damage, malfunctioning and equipment lockup. These are issues that nobody wishes to face and will want to be avoided.

To protect systems that run the gamut from small to large sized against damage caused by voltage surges, ASI offers you a solution. We stock a wide range of UL recognized DIN Rail Industrial Surge Protection Devices (SPDs). The entire group of DIN Rail SPD's is UL 1449,
4th Edition Recognized, Type 4/Class C (II) for use in Type 1, 2 and 3 applications. These
devices will meet your every requirement and are provided to you as cost effective solutions
with high reliability. These devices warrant serious consideration in critical system designs.

Within ASI's Surge Protection Device offerings are devices with MOV (Metal Oxide Varistors) Technology, the most common technology used in the industry for ac protection. This type device can withstand high current surges and is extremely cost effective considering the expense that would be incurred on systems and/or devices built without surge protection. You will also find surge protection devices with GDT (Gas Discharge Tube) Technology, which have slower response times than MOV types. All of the devices offered by ASI will mount to standard 35mm DIN Rails. The MOV types are SCCR Rating: Factory Tested to 200 kA. For MOV devices, specific range of voltages are covered via MCOV ratings which include: 150 Vac, 180 Vac, 275 Vac, 320 Vac, 420 Vac, 550 Vac and 690 Vac. All ASI DIN Rail mount SPD's include the following important features, which are standard at no additional cost to the user.

  • Remote Alarm Contact
  • Visual Indication:
    Green-OK, Red-Replace
  • Integrated keying to prevent plug/base voltage mis-mating errors.
  • Patented thermal disconnector design with an extinguishing device for quick thermal response and device cut off

Many applications are using these devices in the market today including:
  • Power Supplies
  • AC Distribution
  • Industrial Automation
  • Control Panels
  • Telecommunications

ASI is your surge protection source to supply the highest quality and most cost effective solutions to meet your needs.
DIN Rail Surge Protection Device Side view of DIN Rail Surge Protection Device
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