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PCB Terminal Blocks - Fixed Wiring

Fixed Wiring Printed Circuit Board Terminal Blocks are used in those applications where you would like to connect your wiring directly to the printed circuit board. Automation Systems Interconnect, ASI, offers a very wide range of fixed wiring PCB terminal blocks to solve Commercial, Industrial, Signal, High Current, Space Saving Multi-Level, Subminiature Compact and Angled Wiring applications.

The Fixed Wiring PCB Terminal Blocks from ASI come in industry standard pin spacings, 2.54 mm to 12.7 mm, in single unit designs with multiple wiring positions and with interlocking housing models that allow you to reduce inventory while at the same time having the ability to come up with any number of positions that would be required in you various application demands. Available for wires as small as 30 AWG to as large as 6 AWG, in a single position and up to 36 positions, depending on the model.

Connecting a wire to the ASI Fixed Wiring PCB Terminal Blocks is accomplished with either a Screw Clamp or Spring Clamp Screwless termination method, making it easy and quick to terminate any wire to a printed circuit board. The housings are molded out of UL 94V0 material and come in standard colors of green, black, gray or blue, depending on the model. Alternate colors are available on request.

PCB Terminal BlocksPCB Terminal Blocks

PCB Terminal Blocks

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Phoenix Contact® Equivalent Fixed Wiring PCB Terminal Blocks are your ideal choice when you are looking for a high quality, reliable but lower cost source to P.C. PCB Terminal Blocks that you might now be using. For over 17 years customers have been switching to the ASI Equivalent Terminal Blocks and related products with Savings of 20% to 50% and more while maintaining quality and agency approval ratings. With over 250 families and more than 5,000 part numbers to select from, ASI offers more replacement PCB terminal blocks to Phoenix Contact® and other competitors than any other company on the market. It is always your responsibility to fully compare the products and when you do you will find similar color, materials, design, termination reliability and UL approvals when switching to ASI Printed Circuit Board Terminal Blocks.
Industrial Rising Clamp Fixed Wiring PCB Terminal Blocks are typically used in more demanding applications where reliability, functionality, and range of wiring options are of concern. Applications for these types of blocks include Industrial Controls, Motion Controllers, Power Supplies, I/O Devices, PLC's, instrumentation and digital monitoring products. The wire termination technology for this model of PCB terminal block is a screw and rising clamp or metal body that provides for highly reliable and repeatable wiring both in the factory and in the field.

Economy Fixed Wiring PCB Terminal Blocks are designed for lower cost applications such as those found in Alarm, Environmental Control, Spa Controls, Energy Management Systems, Sprinkler Systems and such. The wire termination technology typically used in Economy Blocks is a screw with foil wire guard protection.
Front and Top Wire Entry PCB Terminal Blocks from ASI have been designed so that the wire entry and the access to the screw or the actuator in the case of screwless spring clamp models are in the same direction either Horizontal or Vertical to the printed circuit board. The PCB terminal blocks are modular and can be assembled into any number of wiring positions. Additionally, they are available with industry standard pin spacing of 5 mm for Screw Clamp and 2.54 mm, 5, 5.08. 7.5 and 7.62 mm pin spacing in Screwless Spring Clamp versions.

Screwless PCB Terminal Blocks are lever actuated and allow you to easily insert the wire into the terminal block without having to tighten a screw thereby saving time. The ASI Spring Clamp Terminal Blocks are offered in 3.5 mm and 3.81 mm pin spacing, wire entry directions, multiple or interlocking housings, and with or without an orange colored actuator to open the spring, depending on the model.

High Current Fixed Wiring PCB Terminal Blocks are ideal for those applications where the wiring to the printed circuit board is required to handle up to 65 amps. The ASI High Current Terminal Blocks feature single or multiple pins depending on the model, modular interlocking housings or fixed number of wiring positions.
Angled Fixed Wiring PCB Terminal Blocks are used where you have limited wire and screwdriver access. By positioning the wire entry to the PCB terminal block at an angle and doing the same with the screw access you can easily terminate wires in applications that have tight space for the installation of the wires. Available in several pin spacing, in fixed number of wire positions and in modular interlocking housings to reduce inventory.

Multi-Level and Raised PCB Terminal Blocks are used in those applications where space on the printed circuit board is very limited or where it is necessary to position the wire up off of the printed circuit board. Multiple Level PCB Terminal Blocks are available in 2, 3 and 4 level models and in various pin spacing to save as much space as possible on the printed circuit board. Available in modular interlocking housings that allow for side to side and front to back assembly of the blocks to come up with the required number of wire terminations with the least amount of inventory. The raised or increased height PCB terminal blocks are available in several different heights to meet your particular application requirements.

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