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EZ-Jump DIN Rail Terminal Blocks

The Latest in Design Technology: CBC Series Terminal Blocks with the Patented "Easy Bridge" Jumpering System

For years IEC terminal blocks have been the connection method of choice because of their space saving ability, ease of use, design safety and application flexibility.  CBC series IEC terminal blocks represent the latest in design technology, where application flexibility and maintaining low-cost have been combined to provide you with an ideal termination point.  Unique to the CBC series is the patented "Easy Bridge" system that uses low-cost push-in PTC terminal block jumpers and terminal block housings that provide complete isolation and insulation when the jumper is installed.  CBC terminal blocks are designed with two separate and useable channels where the PTC terminal block jumpers can be inserted.

Why use CBC Series Blocks and PTC Jumpers?
  • PTC Jumpers are a comb or chain of jumpers that can be cut to any number of circuits or ordered in a specific number of circuit connections.
  • They can be modified to skip a circuit connection at any point by simply removing that leg of the comb.
  • The bellows design used to create the contact point between the PTC jumper and the terminal block insures both a good mechanical and electrical connection.
  • The channels supplied by the CBC terminal block provides complete insulation coverage.  This eliminates the need to purchase more expensive jumpers that include insulation as part of the jumper itself.
  • A green insulation strip can be inserted over the PTC jumper in the same channel, providing a visual indication that the jumper is in this position or terminal block.
  • Two channels provide the flexibility of connecting alternate circuits, such as in a series of repeating circuits, like +/– voltages or signals

PTC Jumper Configurations

ASI also offers special terminal blocks that lend themselves to power distribution applications, where one group of terminal blocks are to be connected for positive and another group for negative connections.  These blocks also use PTC Jumpers.

You can find many other terminal blocks that accept PTC Jumpers throughout or consult an application specialist by calling toll free 877-650-5160 to learn more.

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