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With inputs in the 120-230 Vac range, these power supplies are suitable for use with every common supply voltage worldwide, including 12 VDC and 15 VDC.  These devices comply with IEC and EN EMC Standards for building automation applications without the need for an external filter.

Most Reliable Power Supply On the Market:
  • Design has been focused on achieving high efficiency
  • Designed to achieve reductions in energy consumption, as well as in limiting the operating temperature of the components.  
  • The high efficiency makes available a +20% power boost at an operating temperature of 45°C, without exceeding the standard temperature limits, all while guaranteeing complete safety and reliability.  
  • Short-circuit, overload and over temperature protections are set to give +150% of the rated current to feed heavy loads, start-up currents, while the over-temperature protection prevents failure of the power supply in the case of long overload duration with high ambient temperature.
  • Adjustable output with over-voltage protection
  • The housings assure a high ventilation of internal components, compact dimensions and an IP20 protection level according to the IEC529 standard.

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Catalog No. / Description 
ASINPSM120-12 Product
DIN Rail Power Supply 12 Vdc
  • One Power Supply is used for 12 Vdc Applications
  • Adjustable output up to 15 Vdc
  • 150% Overload Capacity
  • Short circuit, over voltage, and over current protection
  • High efficiency, rated at over 85%
  • Pluggable connections simplify installation
  • Remote alarm indication
DIN Rail Power Supply 12 Vdc, 7 Amp Output; 120 to 240 Vac/110 to 345 Vdc Input 
List Price
$148.34 each
Green Check In Stock
DIN Rail Power Supply, Single Phase, Wide Range 12-28.5 Vdc, 5 Amp Output, 90-264Vac/110-345 Vdc Input, Pluggable Connections, Ultra Compact, UL 
List Price
$145.97 each
Green Check In Stock
XCSD50B Product
DIN Rail Power Supply,
Single Phase,
Output 12Vdc
  • Single-phase input 90...264 Vac
  • Short circuit, overload, over temperature, input / output overvoltage protection
  • Isolation Class 2, no grounding needed
DIN Rail Power Supply, Single Phase, Output 12Vdc,15Vdc, 3.5/3A, 50W; Input 90-264Vac 
List Price
$100.00 each
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DIN Rail Mounted Power Supply, Dual output ±12 to ±15Vdc, 2x0.6 A, 30W; Input 90-264Vac 
List Price
$126.00 each
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XCSF85B Product
DIN Rail Mounted Power Supply,
Input 90-264 VAC/100-370 VDC
  • Single-phase input 90-264 Vac and 100-370 Vdc
  • Short circuit, overload, over temperature, input / output overvoltage protection
  • Pluggable connection
Type CSF85B, DIN Rail Mounted Power Supply, Input 90-264 VAC/100-370 VDC, 12-15 VDC, 6 Amp Output 
List Price
$128.37 each
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 Single or Split PhaseNext 
XCSW121B Product
DIN Rail Power Supply,
Single Or Split Phase,
Output 12..15Vdc
  • High reliability and immunity against overvoltage due to failures on AC line
  • Both Single Phase and Split Phase 187-550Vac
  • Short circuit, overload, over temperature, input / output overvoltage
  • protection
  • High outrush current for starting-up heavy loads
  • High efficiency and low dissipated power
DIN Rail Power Supply, Single or Split Phase, Output 12..15Vdc, 8/7A, 120W; Input 187-550Vac 
List Price
$250.01 each
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DIN Rail Power Supply, Single, Split or Three Phase, Output 12..15Vdc, 16/15A, 240W; Input 185-550Vac 
List Price
$404.28 each
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ASI462102 Product
DIN Rail Mounted Power Supply
  • Only requires 1 inch of mounting space
  • Pluggable screw clamp wire terminations for easy installation
  • Robust snap on DIN rail mounting foot
  • Clearly labeled wire terminations
  • Wide range input 90-264 Vac for domestic and international use
Type ASIUSP-24PFN-15D, DIN Rail Mounted Power Supply, 15 VDC, 24 Watt, 1.6 Amp Output; 90-264 Vac/120-370 Vdc Input 
List Price
$74.69 each
Green Check In Stock

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