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Universal Phoenix Contact® Equivalent Terminal Blocks

ASIUK1.5NThe ASIUKN series is comparable to the popular Phoenix Contact® UKN series in many ways, except one-ASI's Low Price! Both have a universal mounting foot, both have similar materials, shape and specifications. And both have comparable UL ratings. You make the comparisons-"Why pay the difference, if you can't tell the difference?".

The ASIUKN series shares a similar color and shape to the Phoenix Contact® UKN series. Using similar or superior materials, such as UL 94V0 housings, nickel-plated copper alloy metal bodies, and plated copper alloy screws provide protection against various environments. In fact, the ASIUKN series is so similar to the Phoenix Contact® UKN series that you can use the accessories interchangeably. If you are currently using Phoenix Contact® UKN series terminal blocks and are seeking a more cost-effective solution, you can use any remaining accessories that you may have in stock.

The ASIUKN series is an ideal terminal block family to be used in all types of control cabinet and power distribution applications. The terminal blocks range from a small 4.2mm wide version rated for 30-14 AWG wiring, 15 amps, 300 volts, up to a block 15.2mm wide that handles 18-2 AWG wire with a rating of 150 amps at 600 volts.

The ASIUKN terminal blocks include a wide range of accessories including bridges, markers, end covers, partition plates and more. A unique feature of the 5.2 and 6mm wide terminal blocks is the availability of a low-cost push-in jumper which can further reduce time and cost.

The ASIUKN series equivalents to the Phoenix Contact® terminal blocks are:

ASIUK1.5N UK1,5N3005837 | ASIUK6NUK6N3004524
ASIUK2.5NUK2,5N3003347 | ASIUK10NUK10N3005073
ASIUK3NUK3N3001501 | ASIUK16NUK16N3006043
ASIUK5NUK5N3004362 | ASIUK35UK353008012

Engineering Disclaimer: On all cross-references it is the customer's responsibility to confirm that the suggested equivalent meets all of the requirements of the application, as there may be slight differences.

ASI offers many other products for automation and control applications and has a complete range of power supplies, interface modules, relay modules, molded cable assemblies, sensor distribution boxes equivalent to Phoenix Contact® and other suppliers.


ASI's broad range of marking products will save you both Time and Money. They include terminal block labels, wire markers, name plates, and much more Learn More...

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Catalog No. / Description 
ASIUK1.5N Product
DIN Rail Mount Pass-Thru Terminal Block,
Screw Clamp,
300 Volts
  • cUL and UL approved
  • Universal Mounting Foot
  • Nickel plated copper alloy metal bodies
  • Large wire funnel entry
DIN Rail Mount Pass-Thru Terminal block, Screw Clamp, 300 Volts, 30-14 AWG, 15 amps 
List Price
$0.64 each
Packages of 50
Green Check In Stock
ASIUK2.5N Product
DIN Rail Mounted Terminal Block,
Screw Clamp,
600 Volts
  • Universal Mounting Foot
  • Nickel plated copper alloy metal bodies
  • Large wire funnel entry
30-12 AWG, 20 amps, compare to UK2.5N 
List Price
$0.63 each
Packages of 50
Green Check In Stock
30-12 AWG, 20 amps 
List Price
$0.67 each
Packages of 50
Green Check In Stock
Single Level Feed-Through DIN Rail Terminal block, Screw Clamp, 600 volts, 28-12 AWG, compare to UK3N 
List Price
$0.67 each
Packages of 50
Green Check In Stock
Type UKJ-4EE, Economy DIN Rail Terminal Block, Screw Clamp, 32 Amps at 800 Volts, 30-10 AWG, 6.2mm 
List Price
$0.31 each
Packages of 100
Green Check In Stock
DIN Rail Terminal Block, 2-wire, Screw Clamp, 30-10 AWG, 600 Volts, 30 Amps, 6.2mm Wide, UL, Nickel Plated Copper Alloy Clamping Body, Tin plated Screws 
List Price
$0.41 each
Packages of 50
Green Check In Stock
Single-side Feed Through Terminal Block
  • Pass-through block with both connections on the same side
  • Facilitates use of a single wire duct channel instead of two
  • Allows back-to-back mounting for maximum density
Screw Clamp, 6.2 mm wide, 30-10 AWG, 30 amps, 300 volts, UL 
List Price
$1.28 each
Packages of 50
Green Check In Stock
ASIUK6N Product
DIN Rail Mounted Terminal Block,
Screw Clamp,
300 Volts
24-8 AWG, 50 amps, compare to UK6N 
List Price
$1.13 each
Packages of 50
Green Check In Stock
DIN Rail Mounted Terminal block, Screw Clamp, 600 volts, 24-6 AWG, 65 Amps, compare to UK10N 
List Price
$1.57 each
Packages of 50
Ships Stock - 3 weeks
22-8 AWG, 85 amps, compare to UK16N 
List Price
$2.17 each
Packages of 50
Green Check In Stock
18-2 AWG, 150 amps, compare to UK35 
List Price
$5.06 each
Packages of 50
Green Check In Stock

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Interface ModulesASI offers a broad range of DIN rail mount modules that provide wiring transitions from various types of connectors to either fixed or pluggable terminal blocks.
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