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Multiple Cable Strain Reliefs, Cable Glands & Cord Grips

  • The ASI multiple cable strain relief, cable gland insert is an ideal accessory to use with the ASI strain reliefs and cable glands when you have multiple cables that you would like to enter the enclosure through the same opening.
  • The ASI multiple cable inserts are made of a high performance NEOPRENE® 70 that has an operating temperature of -40°C to +130°C while providing an ingress protection rating of IP68 which exceeds NEMA 4X.
  • ASI multiple cable inserts can be used with either metric or PG cable glands and strain reliefs ranging from M16 to M50 and PG11 up to PG21.
  • These multi-entry seals or inserts are available in models ranging from 2 positions up to 10 cables in one strain relief or cable gland.
  • Multiple entry seal plugs are available to be used as a means of sealing off any unused hole in the multiple cable strain relief or cable gland.
Catalog No. / Description 
3016910 Product
Multi-Entry Cable Gland Seal,
2 Wire Holes
  • IP 68, NEMA 6P (submersible) Ingress Protection Rating allows for use in applications where dirt, dust or liquids are present.
  • 2 holes; each hole measures 3 mm diameter.
  • Use with ASI nylon plastic cable glands 3001220, 3001313, 3001020 and 3001083 either M16 or PG11.
  • Use with ASI nickel plated brass cable glands 3012220 and 3012020 either M16 or PG11.
  • Wide Continuous Temperature Range: -20° to +90° Celsius
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Type 36A3M1623, Multi-Entry Cable Gland Seal, 2 Wire Holes, 3mm Entry, Suitable for M16 and PG11 Thread Cable Glands 
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